Teacher's Survey on Tech

How do you feel your school's vision and commitment is around technology?

How difficult is it to use the currently provided technology in your school?

How does your school do at keeping technology current?

How does your school do with organization and planning pertaining to technology?

Please rate the speed of the technology over the last school year

Please rate the reliability of the technology over the last school year

How do you think your school has done including your opinion in technology planning?

How important do you feel technology is to learning? (check all that apply)

How much do you think a 1:1 environment helps engage students?

My main computer I use in my classroom is the following platform

Please select one of the familiarity you are most proficient

How willing are you to change your computer platform if it helps students get more technology?

Do you feel you could be as effective teaching using a Chromebook?

Are you satisfied with the amount of PD(Professional development)you get for technology?

Do you plan to attend additional PD for technology this year?

How challenging do you feel past PD provided by the school has been?

What type of classroom design do you use?

Which technologies are present in your classroom?

Do you think an interactive whiteboard is still as valuable if all your students had Chromebooks?

Are you satisfied with how electronic assessment testing has worked over the past year?

How challenging is it to control your students actions when using technology while teaching?

How often do you or your students have problems logging in?

How much time each day is lost to technology issues or login issues?

How safe do you feel your students are when using the internet?

How do you prefer to select apps relevant to your lesson plan?

Please rate your school's student information system.

How often do you use the student information system for the following tasks (Updating student grades,Parent contact,Class or roster changes,Other)

Overall how would you rate the tech support you currently receive?

How do you request help with technology when you need it? (select more than one)

How satisfied are you with the time it takes for requests like whitelisting a website?

What is your biggest technology pain point?

What can School Tech Team do to improve the quality/reliability of the technology

If you could make a change to decrease the number of trouble tickets or technology problems, what would it be?

Technician availability

Quality of problem resolution

Speed of on-site problem resolution